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Taylor + Freddie Hampton | Wed in Worship | Tailoring your wedding day to you as a couple

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

There are so many different types of weddings out there, and none are "one size fits all". There is not much I love more than a wedding day being perfectly tailored to a couple - putting just a little extra love and thoughtfulness into the details of your day elevates the experience and turns it into a day no one will soon forget. That love and thoughtfulness is exactly what Taylor and Freddie put into their beautiful September wedding at their home church, The Church of Living Water, in Warsaw, MO.

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When I was first asked to capture this wedding I was so excited, and the more Taylor and Freddie told me about their special day, the more excited I became. There was so much about their day that I instantly fell in love with. For starters, everything was absolutely beautiful. From the colors they chose, to the romantic rustic decor, flowers, twinkle lights - everything was absolutely perfect. One of my favorite parts about their day was how they did first looks with their four amazing kiddos! They turned out to be some of my favorite images because you can see all of the excitement in their eyes. There were so many details of their day that were beyond precious, including Taylor's brother walking her down the aisle and gifts from their family in remembrance of those who could not be there to celebrate with them.

There was so much to love about the Hampton's special day, however my all time favorite theme of their day was how they included God in every part, keeping him at the center of their marriage right from the start. During their reception they even had a mini worship service! It was so beautiful to watch them worship together with their friends, family, and children. There was one point when all of the kids were worshiping together at the top of their lungs, instantly causing everyone to turn around and wear a big smile.

Taylor and Freddie's wedding is one I will remember forever not only because it was different than any other wedding I have ever been to, but also because of the feelings it gave me. Tailoring their day to them and who they are as a couple really made all of the difference and created an authentic experience for them and everyone in attendance.

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So, if you are in the midst of planning your own wedding, I want to take this moment to urge you to follow Taylor and Freddie's example... create a wedding day that honors who you are and what is important to you as a couple. You may choose to do this in a big way or a small way, but either way, creating a day that is tailored to who you are will not only leave you with the sweetest wedding day memories, but will also leave your guests with an amazing experience and feeling of connection.

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