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Abigail + Colton Holiday | An Intimate Bolivar, Missouri Wedding

As many of you know, I have a serious love for photographing small weddings. My heart craves the authentic, intimate moments. Abigail and Colton's beautiful June wedding at The Pitchfork in Bolivar, Missouri was one of those weddings that fed my soul!

As I came into the venue, I was in awe of how elegantly everything had been prepared. The decor, along with the warm atmosphere of the venue, invited you in and made you feel so welcome. The tables were beautifully decorated and placed under chandeliers to the side of the room and the bridal party's table was laced with eucalyptus and white roses under an arbor of lights.

After taking in the incredible space, I got started photographing the couple's rings (one of my many favorite parts of a wedding). Abigail's ring was absolutely stunning and so delicate. Colton's ring was heavy, unbreakable, and the words of the item it once was gave it a story. I love how the softness of her ring and the strength of his created the most beautiful composition. It reminded me how, in marriage, we both bring different things to the table and how beautiful the combination of those things can be. It also reminded me of how there is someone else who sits at this table with us if we let him. Two of my favorite parts of this beautiful day gave acknowledgement to that third seat at the table of marriage. The first is a little white bible gifted to Abigail from Colton's parents. What gift could you give that says "we love you" more than this? The second, was the unity cross that Colton and Abigail completed during their ceremony, a beautiful display of their intention to keep the Lord central to their marriage.

Shortly before the ceremony started, Abigail's mother helped her into her wedding gown. Her dress had lace detail on the bodice which trickled down onto the skirt. The skirt had an airy look to it and had the prettiest pink undertone. Abigail wore it flawlessly and was the most stunning bride! One of my favorite images of Abigail was as she was putting on her perfume - such a timeless and elegant photograph. She put on a final coat of lip gloss and placed an embroidered handkerchief in her dress pocket, and was ready to marry the love of her life.

The Holiday's ceremony was one of the sweetest I have ever witnessed. Abigail's matron of honor was her mother, and Colton's best Man was his father. This was so simple yet so beautiful and meaningful. As Abigail walked down the aisle with her father, she wore the sweetest smile and her eyes were fixed on Colton who stood under the white pergola, holding back tears. As Abigail joined him under the pergola it seemed as they could both breath again. They said their vows, exchanged rings, and completed their unity cross. Once pronounced husband and wife they shared a sweet kiss. The ceremony was so genuine and made you feel so special to have been there to witness it.

After family photographs were taken, the guests went inside to cool down. The newlyweds remained outside to complete their portraits. There were so many elegant photos of these two, it was hard to choose a favorite. Some of my favorites were those taken under the little wooden arbor at the edge of the garden. The light coming through gave the area a hazy look, and the arbor and greenery hugged the couple as they melted into each other creating the most romantic images.

As more guests arrived, the reception began. Abigail and Colton made their entrance and headed towards their cake table. They cut their (delicious) cake and sweetly fed each other a bite. After the cake was cut it was time for the first dances and the meal. During the meal Abigail's mother and Colton's father gave their speeches. I am certain that there was not a dry eye left in the room by the end. The amount of love and happiness that filled the room was incredible.

So many things about this day made it one of the most incredible weddings that I have ever been to. The simplicity, elegance, intimacy, and emotion took a wedding day and turned it into a heartfelt experience for all who were there.

It was an honor to capture and share the Holiday's love story and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

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